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Big Brother, Big Sister

BBBS is a high school transition program to help our ninth grade students adjust to the academic and social rigors of high school. This program is a mentorship where an upper class student (who applied and was selected) is paired up with one to two freshmen for the entire school year. Our BBBS mentors learn how to engage and support their freshmen siblings during their first year in high school. We provide events and activities exclusively for mentors and mentees. This program gives our freshmen a sense of belonging and school spirit and provides them with resources and skills to be acclimated to the rigors and responsibilities of high school. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters continue their work through the school year by not only helping the freshmen, but also helping our new transfer students acclimate to Groves.  

Executive Board

Kyle Clinkscale
Hannah Gray
Parker Mingus
Samantha Sweeny
Kennedy Cook
Anthony Gaggos
Baran Gurun
Sammie Koch
Luci Kucab
Sara Litkowiec
Zachary Salloum

2024-2025 Calendar

Mentors, it is important to prioritize events. Please review the academic calendar to see when activities and events are held. 



All mentor applications are due to the main office by NOON on April 3rd, 2024.

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Eighth Grade Parents

What is the mentor's job?

The mentor has a job to guide 9th graders through the first year of high school. Mentors assist with questions about everything from backpacks in classrooms to study tips for final exams. Many students form great bonds and friendships which continue year after year in our GHS community. Mentors will create activities for 9th grade students such as tailgates, yoga day, and special event days at the 9th grade sporting events.

Will mentors drive my child to events or meet them there?

We do not support mentors driving around siblings. All of our sibling activities are done on campus and given advance notice so that rides may be arranged with parents and guardians. We appreciate not putting mentors in the position to drive their sibling. 

Can I request a certain mentor for my student?

No, unfortunately we do not accept mentor requests. This is an important transition piece for our 9th grade students and an opportunity to branch out and expand their peer group. We do our best to match up mentors and siblings by interests (based on forms they have filled out for us). Our mentors are chosen on their ability to reach out beyond who they know and this will help your student feel welcome. 

How are mentor & students assigned?

Our mentors visit our feeder schools Berkshire and BCS in the spring. Information sheets are given to all eight grader to fill out. We do our best to pair a mentor and an 8th grade student up that share similar interests.

My student is new to the district, how can we get a mentor?

Students who are new to the district as freshmen should fill out the information sheet and turn it in when they register. We will do our best to find a similar mentor. And, welcome to Groves! 

When do the 8th graders get assigned mentor information?

Our mentor students will call the number given to the school and or on the student information sheet (done by 8th grade student in the spring). Please expect a phone call home in the second or third week of August. Mentors and mentees will meet during orientation day in August. 

When is freshmen orientation day?

Planning for the 2024 Freshmen Orientation and Future Falcon Fair is in the works! It's typically occurs in mid August. Dr. Smith will provide details through Groves communications. We look forward to meeting your ninth-grade student!